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GWRC Update - July 2023

Kia ora koutou Maungaraki. Cr Quentin Duthie toku ingoa. I am your Greater Wellington Regional Councillor, alongside Crs Ken Laban and David Bassett.
Our council has four roles: helping people move around easily by public transport, protecting the environment, working together as a region, and supplying bulk drinking water.

Today I’ll focus on the first two. Have you used the bus lately? The 150 bus connecting Maungaraki and Normandale with Petone and the CBD is handy. It has been remarkably reliable, considering how the bus driver shortage has caused cancellations on most other routes. This problem is easing as bus driver numbers increase following intense recruitment and investment in better wages and conditions.

Heads-up that transport will be messy around Melling for a couple of years once construction of Te Wai Takamori o Te Awakairangi (Riverlink) begins. Maungaraki residents can largely avoid travelling through the area (unless heading up-valley), but spare a thought for Harbour View, Tirohanga and Belmont residents. Construction is still being planned.

We will all feel the ripples of traffic congestion from mid next year. Council has decided to close the Melling Line for 18 months because doing so saves $20m and 4 months construction time. We resolved to ensure Melling passengers (of which I am one) have workable alternatives, and to provide better public transport options for those that can leave the car at home, reducing congestion and climate emissions and making road travel easier for those who must. E.g. I’d like to see the 150 bus frequency increased, maybe even free, to compensate and make the bus a better option for those who can leave the car at home, making travel easier for others and the planet.

With the cycle path from Melling to Petone due to open any day and safer speed limits in the Western Hills being considered, biking to work or school is also improving as a safe, clean, fun option. Turning to the environment, the rich and diverse Belmont Regional Park is on our doorstep. Cornish, Oakleigh, Stratton, Normandale and Hill roads all give access points to explore a new walk or ride. The Korokoro Dam track has been upgraded, and the Old Coach Road is being tidied up. Later in the year, master planning will begin – a process for the council, community, and mana whenua to map out agreed changes in the park to improve access, recreation, and nature.

New rules of activities that pollute water are coming as we start taking serious steps to improve water quality. This will affect us all because the waste and storm water systems that serve our homes are part of the problem due to decades of under investment.

Quentin Duthie

Quentin Duthie – Greater Wellington Regional Councillor 

Last, the Council’s efforts to improve public transport and protect the environment depend heavily on the support and policy of the Government.

Your vote in the general election counts, so please look closely at your options, consider what’s best for the whole community, and use your vote to make a difference!

I am available at and 021337262, and I am always delighted to be invited to visit or speak with residents and community groups.