maungaraki bike track survey

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Calling all Maungaraki community members! We have an exciting proposal for you to check out.

In collaboration with Maungaraki School, we propose a great new bike track to be located on the top green space of the school. Most of this land is council reserve, so a bike track would be for ALL residents to use. There would still be plenty of room for other activities as the track would go around the outside of the field. We want to hear what you think!

Below are some images of options we could go with:
Option One:
Lime chip – as seen at Kelson School, generally only suitable for bikes but cheaper to install

Option Two:
Asphalt – meaning bike and scooter friendly but also suitable for any non-motorised small-wheeled transport and may include; walkers, skates, skateboards, push scooter, Segway, handcarts and wagons.

Of course there is a range in pricing for these options, but in the first instance we’re keen to know whether you would support a bike track in principle, so let us know your thoughts on our poll below.

We’re asking for email addresses to validate responses. We won’t add you to any databases or use your email for further communications.

Maungaraki Bike Track concept

This is a concept of what the Maungaraki Bike Track could look like on Dowse Reserve.

Kelson School Bike Track

Kelson School’s Bike Track uses a lime gravel mix, which is a cheaper option than asphalt.