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Maungaraki’s Emergency Hub


Maungaraki’s AED


Disaster Rediness


Our Emergency Hub is at the Community Centre on Dowse Drive.  You will notice a large 25,000-litre water tank there.  Following a large Civil Defence emergency the Emergency Hub will be opened by volunteers.  They will be the ones responsible for accessing the water. 

However, this tank will not be opened until every other water source in Maungaraki is used up and there are no alternative water sources.  Every family is responsible for meeting their own water needs.  It may be days before water tankers come to Maungaraki and weeks to months before mains water is restored. A family of 4 could easily require 100 litres of water a week. 

Check out and look at water storage for your family.  It could be as simple as a rainwater tank, a couple of large rubbish bins with lids filled with water and sealed or buying large containers of bottled water and storing that in a dark dry place.

Maungaraki’s AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is available for use 24/7 and is located at Maungaraki Community Centre Secure External Cabinet

135 Dowse Drive,
Lower Hutt 5010

Phone: 111 combination for cabinet from Ambulance Communications

The MCA has worked with Wellington Region Emergency Management Office to develop the Maungaraki Community Emergency Hub Guide.

This plan is to ensure that we can respond in the first 72 hours of a large emergency with little or no assistance from emergency services. For the plan to be successful we need as many people as possible to be familiar with it so please download it, read it and pop it into your emergency kit.

To get prepared for an Earthquake read the Earthquake Planning Guide.

For news and updates in an emergency check Wellington Region Emergency Management Office’s Facebook Page

Wellington Region Emergency Management have compiled a Community Resilience Strategy to help communities prepare for emergencies. 

Neighbourhood Watch


Our close knit community does a good job of looking out for each other. If you hear of any burglaries or crime in the neighbourhood, please let the police know and notify the MCA so we can keep our community updated, help prevent and solve any crime. Let’s keep Maungaraki safe for everyone.

Our nearest Police Station is located in Petone at 274 Jackson Street (04) 494 8400. Lower Hutt Police Station is located at 19 Kings Cresent, Lower Hutt (04) 560 2600.


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