Tui Counsell

Empowering our Youth

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone as passionate about our Maungaraki community and helping it’s youth than Tui Counsell. A qualified registered nurse, with many years’ of experience providing community care for children and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities and mental health concerns. Tui started Tui Wellness Solutions ( in 2018 and has been helping instil confidence and empowerment in Maungaraki’s youth ever since.

Based in the community corner space at Maungaraki Community Hall, Tui works with children and teenagers, aged between 5 to 18, to help them develop tools and strategies for building self-worth, self-belief, a growth mindset, confidence  and wellbeing.

Tui believes “Every child has the right to feel accepted. To be able to make friends and to contribute both in and outside of a classroom. Everyone has a place.”

Often working with children who don’t fit into the one-size-fits-all approach of schools, Tui has found her niche helping those children who have fallen between the cracks of the education system, suffer from relationship issues at home or from anxiety, low mood, self-doubt, shyness, and peer-group pressures, through to autism, school refusal, auto-processing disorder, and ADHD. 

Tui is passionate about helping children move away from self-negativity to realise their full potential in life. Offering programmes in a combination of one-on-one or group sessions Tui aims to provide a pre-counselling service utilising discussion, activities, and self-reflection, structured around cognitive behavioural therapy providing practical ‘take-away’ strategies for children to reassure and revitalise themselves in the school and home environment.