Recycling bins

New system for rubbish and recycling coming

From July next year, the way Hutt City manages recycling and rubbish will change. Unfortunately, the current system never took into the account the city’s windy conditions with too much rubbish ending up on streets and roads before eventually finding its way into streams, drains and the harbour. So, the new Council looks set to adopt a smarter, greener and cleaner approach.

What is going to change?
Each household will get two separate wheelie bins. One for household rubbish and one for paper, plastics 1 and 2 and tin and a crate for glass.

Recycling: A wheelie bin for recycling and a crate for glass, collected every fortnight.

Rubbish: A wheelie bin for rubbish

Green (garden) waste: This option will come at an extra cost per household. For more information visit